Based on the furniture design that you want we will present you a full breakdown of the materials, woods, textiles, colours and shapes and help you choose the collection that most fits your taste, bugget and style. Our carefully sourced materials are crafted to perform, captivate and endure for many years. Each design with the combination of materials that you have chosen is unique to you. You will never see it anywhere else.

Meranti wood

Meranti wood is known for its hardness, long lasting beauty and natural durability. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and elegant ypes of woods and often used in the manufacturing of antique furniture.

HR Foam

High Resiliency (HR) foam was very good for bedding as it had an ability to be very soft yet very supportive. These foams contour to the body exceptionally well and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity which gives you great comfort and optimal supporting force.

Micro Fibre

Our upholstered furniture has gone high tech with the use of micro fibre. It brings comfort to the head, shoulder and back. It also has a long lifespan and it doesn't get flatten easily, hence affordable with odor free.

5 Years warranty - any defect on cushion foam in the areas.

5 Years warranty - wood maggots and fracture.

3 Years warranty - mechanism


* Defect in the couch as result of wilful act, negligence, misuses scratch or in any way being tampered with:

  • Expose your leather/ fabric to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Defect due to cleaning of leather / fabric with cemical or any cleaning agent.
  • Replacement wit a new set of complete upholstery.
  • Transportation charges.
  • Wear or tear of the couch suite cover.

Sign of insect lites, scar, wrinkles and other makings are not weakening defect and will not shorten the life of the leather. In fact, they are evidence of the leather. Natural beauty and also considered to enhance its appearance and distinguish from leather imitations.


The purchaser is required to present the original certificate of warranty for all claims under Casa Moderno product otherwise normal charges will be imposed and applied.

Casa Moderno are authorised reseller of ACACIA & AQUACLEAN. Our experienced Showroom staff can help you choose the right fabric or leather that suits your home and lifestyle.


Acacia Fabric is a performance technology used in multiple places from hotels, restaurants to homes or boats. This multi-use fabric is a perfect fit both for private and professional use.

*The stain free properties in your Acacia fabrics will last long after washing or heavy use.

*If you have a favourite spot to spill your juice or sauce, the stains can be just as easily removed.

*For chunky stains like mud, ketchup, lipstick or silly putty, you’ll need to get a teaspoon. Remove any stain residue with the edge of the teaspoon.


Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only.

This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

Aquaclean helps to remove the majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc) making life easier and giving you more time for the more important things.

1. Avoid heat and sunlight direct contact with your furniture.
Don't let your sofa direct contat with the sunlight.Direct sunlight is doubly damaging, the strong rays affect the actual fibres in the leather/fabric upholstery sofa.

2. Perspiration will damage upholstery of the furniture.
Always wearing a shirt while seated in the sofa can prevent damage. Direct contact between the upholstery and bare skin will caused permanent damage on the upholstery and void the warranty.

3. Sofa armrest is not for sitting purposes.
Never sit on the arms of furniture. It will flattens the filling of armpads, damages recliner mechanisms and cause internal frame damage.


1. Wipe/Vacuum leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth, vacuum cleaner.
Use a microfibre cloth or use your vacuum's hose attachment with a soft bristled brush to clean leather furniture and incorporate with your weekly household cleaning routine. For more stubborn dust, dampen the cloth with distilled water. Make sure that the cloth is not soaking wet.
Never let water soak into leather. Always be sure to use a soft cloth and never use an abrasive brush or scrubber as this can scratch and damage the leather.

2. Clean spills immediately with a dry cloth.
When anything is spilled onto the leather upholstery, blot it away as soon as possible. Use a dry cloth or sponge to absord as much of the spilled liquid as possible, only resorting to a moistened cloth if necessary. Use as little water as possible to clean the spill, and wipe the area dry afterward.
For non-water spills, you may need to use a tiny dab of gentle soap with warm water. Make sure to consult an expert for persistent stains.

3. Use only cleaners designed for leather.
Detergents, solvents, all-purpose cleaning sprays, ammonia, bleach, and furniture polish can all be harmful to leather furniture. Do not apply these products in an attempt to clean the furniture or remove stains. Keep a leather-specific cleaner on hand for occasinal cleaning and emergencies.


1. Vacuum your fabric sofa regularly.
Vacuum your sofa at least once a week. This will keep the sofa free of dirt and debris that can cause damage over time. Vacuum the surface of the sofa/an nooks and crannies. If you can remove the cushions, remove them and vacuum underneath.

2. Clean stains appropriately.
If something spills on your sofa, or if you notice a stain, you should immediately clean the stain by using water. If is stubborn stain, you can try with neutral soap form. Please make sure clean the stain immediately once spilled. If your sofa has suite cover, you may take it off for dry cleaning service. Make sure to consult the professional for the cleaning tips to ensure you clean it with the correct way.

Our delivery area most areas of Klang Valley, including all of (Subang, Shah Alam, PJ, KL, Cheras, Ampang, Puchong and even Sungai Buloh).
For other areas not shown or mentioned, special deliveries can be arranged. If you are not sure about your area, please email us at or call our showroom.

In case you need to delay the delivery of your purchases due to unforseenable circumstances, please contact our sales personnel and give us at least 3 days prior notice so that our Logistics has enough time to rearrange the delivery schedule.
Should you have any further enquries, please feel free to contact or call our showrooms.

Payments for orders can be made in any Casa Moderno Showroom or (online transfer with attach slip send to any casa moderno sale person).
Should you have any further enquries, please feel free to contact or call our showrooms.

A minimum 40% deposit of the total purchase price is required to proceed with your order. For all 'clearance' orders, we require payment in full (100%) at time of purchase.

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